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Mega-pixel Digital IP camera with HD quality requires stable and high- speed wired connection. Our patented technology allows us to use existing wires to deliver the stable and high-speed wired connection inside the elevator and there is no need to run expensive travel cables. With our device, high- speed data transmission can go up to 200 MBPs and the connection is solid and flawless.Another advantage of installing Digital IP cameras is that existing computer and/or external hard drive can be used for data storage - no need for costly DVR system. Also, the channel expansion in the future is easy and unlimited.
Wireless or Power-line method connections are common in most of the security companies. These methods often experience loss of quality and interlacing on the picture. Also, the internet speed fluctuates as the elevator moves up and down resulting in permanent failure over time. With these types of connections, most security companies put in analog cameras which require heavy and costly DVR system with limited channels. DVR needs to be updated in the long run at extra cost and limited channels require purchase of new DVR for future expansion of the system.
With our expertise and technology, the installation process takes approximately 2 hours at most per elevator. Every installation gets proper inspections by local safety authorities. All system components are inside the elevator meaning there is no need for elevator contractor service calls after the installation.
For most security companies to install a comparable security system, the process may take 5 to 10 days for COAX wire configuration as they need to fish and run the wire through the entire building. Some system components must sit outside the elevator such as wireless antennas. Safety standard requires costly elevator contractors to be present for all works needed. In some provinces/states such as British Columbia, BC Safety Authority does not allow use of wireless or power-line device for data transmission from/to the elevator.
Thanks to our patented technology, we can afford the lowest market price for the highest quality system. Because our installation takes only about 2 hours per elevator, our clients can get lots of savings from the elevator technician labour.
For a comparable system, other security companies would have to charge much higher price because they have to run the expensive travel cables. This, in turn, would increase the labour cost of elevator technician because it takes about a full day per elevator to run the travel cable