Damages to the elevator
cost thousands of dollars.
Let us help you increase the probability of prosecution and
deter vandalism with our HD elevator security camera system.

About Us
We have the largest residential elevator broadcasting and security network in Canada covering over hundreds of elevators in the past 14 years. We specialize in the installation of security cameras inside the elevators of high-rise buildings throughout North America. Over time, we have fine-tuned our technology and reached a level where we no longer have to run the expensive travel cables for providing secure wired connection inside the elevator. 
We have 14 years of expertise in the elevator security camera installations with the proprietary technology that will save you thousands of dollars in the installation.

System & Technology
Mega-pixel Digital IP camera with HD quality requires stable and high- speed wired connection. Our patented technology allows us to use existing wires to deliver the stable and high-speed wired connection inside the elevator and there is no need to run expensive travel cables. With our device, high- speed data transmission can go up to 200 MBPs and the connection is solid and flawless.Another advantage of installing Digital IP cameras is that existing computer and/or external hard drive can be used for data storage - no need for costly DVR system. Also, the channel expansion in the future is easy and unlimited.
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